Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Finale

Here are the last of the Christmas pictures. Looking at these pictures makes me miss Utah and all the fun we had! It was such a great trip!

We were glad to be in town for Logan's Eagle Court of Honor. Congrats Log!
 Awww.....Mya loves her Grandpa Clarke 
 Christmas Eve stripes with my beautiful sis and sister in law! It's so, so fun to have another sister in the family! We've got to get Jordan married soon :)
 Brynlee is never Brynlee. She is always, always pretending she is someone else. My family got a kick out of all her dressing up while we were there. This is one of the days where she was "Grandma". When she's in character she really goes all out. So of course when she decided to be Grandma she had to put on her white shirt, green cardigan, and gray pants. But that wasn't enough. She needed velcro rollers in her hair and a little curling iron, too. 
 Jord and Mya
 This day Bryn was "Cindy Bear". The furry suit wasn't enough, so my mom whipped up a blue skirt to make the outfit a little more accurate. Bryn's dressing up is a little intense! It's cute and funny, but woah. 

 Bryn....I mean, "Cindy Bear"....really is such a big older sister. I love these two together! And I also love how Mya's belly hangs over her pants. That never gets old for me!
 Mya and her brand new cousin Braden. My sister had her baby on 12/12/12 and it is so fun for my girls to have a cousin on their Clarke side of the family now!
 Logan is used to being the only child at home, so he was so nice to "share" my parents with us and let us take over the house with all our baby gear and everything. My girls adore him!
 Bryn and Braden
 Now that Braden is here they don't have to share Mya...they each have a baby to hold :)

This picture speaks for itself :)
 Bryn doesn't watch much TV at home, so she was in heaven piling on my parents bed with her uncles, watching the morning cartoons.
 I like to pretend I can play the piano like my mom and Marie. Bryn was on to me, though, and called me out for struggling through each song. Hopefully someday down the road we'll have a piano and I can play children's songs like I grew up with!
 We had a girls lunch at Blue Lemon
 Amy and Marie
 Jae and Mya
 Mya's shirts and always so wet from slobbering all day!
 This day Bryn was a groundhog. (Don't most 4 year old girls dress up as groundhogs?) She read a book about a groundhog and then darted downstairs to the costume box and came back in this get up. 

I miss this!
 Grandpa and Mya

Mya helping out in the kitchen.
This was such a fun, fun trip and I'm really grateful we had the chance to fly out and spend so much time with family. One of the good things of living across the country is it makes us really appreciate the times when we do get to be home with our families!


Margaret Tueller said...

Laura, This is a wonderful post. I love seeing all your family! And the groundhog got me laughing! Bryn is so cute! Mya is a sweetie too.

mj said...

I know you can already guess what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway: Kate has that denim dress AND the polka dot onesie. Of course.

Tiffany Toronto said...

I love all the outfits that Bryn comes up with. That girl is a HOOT!

Diana Hulme said...

Bryn is so funny! Ah. I love the Grandma dress up. Looks like you guys had a great trip. Are you surviving the freezing weather? I'm about ready to be done with it. ha! :)