Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Months

How can Mya be 7 months old already!? It seems like just last week I was posting about her 6 month mark!....oh wait, that's because it was just last week that I posted about her 6 months mark :)
This month I'm a little more punctual in her all-important 7-month post. 

This stage is wonderful and Mya is such a cutie. She's getting way more curious, grabbing everything in sight and barely starting to shimmy her way across the room. Her favorite trick is clapping her hands together when she's happy about something. It's so cute! Her outfits are always, always completely wet with slobber and I'm convinced she's teething (I've been saying that for 3 months), but she still has no teeth to show for it. 
She's gotten great at sitting without help and now we can leave her sitting up and ten minutes later she'll still be sitting up, gnawing on one toy or another. She's figured out how to get out of her swaddle wrap at night, so she had 2 nights of crying it out and now she can stay asleep without having to be swaddled. It also helps that she knows how to grab her pacifier and put it back in her mouth, so that helps. 

We love you, Mya girl!
Bryn and Mya at 7 months


Karen said...

I love that quilt! I think that it's one that you made for her. I love how her outfit matches it.

Jessica F. said...

I love that you do this. I love to see the comparison between the two of them. So cute!