Wednesday, January 30, 2013

V-Day Prep

Bryn is good at a lot of things, but holiday decorating is right up at there at the top. She has been coordinating our Valentine's Day decor this year, and our few decorations from past years just weren't cutting it with her. So we got to work making window decorations and a few new garlands and things for around the house. She especially loved helping me with the garlands and took her job very seriously of deciding the order of each little felt and heart and circle. Each garland took about 5 times longer than it normally would have taken to make, but it was so fun to do it with Bryn.

We needed something for our front window, so we decided to pull out the construction paper make some simple valentines. She was really funny about making these valentines and insisted that I made mine first and then she carefully copied them. I'm sure she could have come up with even cuter designs on her own, but I get a kick out of her copies. She's been so into projects lately and of course I am loving it. 
Bryn makes holidays so fun!


mj said...

cute cute! I saw the envelope on her chair when I was over the other night and totally want to copy you. And now I want to copy your dish towels too!!

Nate and Julie said...

I love her copy cat hearts. Too cute!

Karen said...

I love her copy cat hearts, too! So cute. What a sweet girl you have.

Tiffany Toronto said...

I love the envelopes on the back of the chairs! So cute! How much work were they and what kind of supplies are needed? I am just a big bugged that there is ZERO candy allowed at school on V-Day.