Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I turned 26 on Sunday! Does that mean I can say I'm now in my "late twenties"??
My birthday seemed to be spread out to the whole weekend, which was great :)
On Saturday my friend watched the girls while Josh and I went to dinner in Hanover and it was a great time! We also popped into the Dartmouth Bookstore while we waited for dinner and their Christmas books were on clearance, so we scored a few of our favorite books for cheap cheap cheap. That was a birthday gift in and of itself because I get giddy about new children's books, especially holiday books. So the pre-birthday date was definitely a success. 
Josh made a delicious smoothie for my birthday breakfast and then we headed off to church. After church we had dinner with friends and enjoyed Josh's famous peanut-butter brownies with ice cream. My phone was broken on my birthday (still is), but Josh was even nice enough to share his phone with me, so I could chat with my siblings and parents on my birthday. Great day!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Josh agreed to a birthday Target trip down to Concord. Our nearest Target and shopping mall are 70 miles away, so it's a real treat to make the trek down there. Bryn and I dashed through Target, scoured the toddler clearance racks, stocked up on Archer Farms snacks, and even found a birthday shirt. Meanwhile, Josh studied in the car while Mya napped. Husband of the year, for sure.
Yay for birthdays!


Karen said...

sounds wonderful! You're so young!!!:)

Tiffany Toronto said...

Wow, you are a baby :)

Happy Birthday!!!

Richins Family said...

Happy birthday! Yay for birthdays and YAY for Target! So glad you got to go.