Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Days

This weekend had lots of stressful, awkward, humbling, frustrating moments. Blegh. Sometimes it all just comes at once, right? I'm going to read a few chapters in my book (Sense and Sensibility....loving it!), go to bed early, and start fresh tomorrow! 
 And hopefully I can focus on the cute, happy moments of this weekend like Bryn and Josh playing in the snow! Last week it was so unbelievably freeeeezing with the below zero temps that Bryn was asking to move back to California and I was thinking the same thing myself. But then she had her first real playtime in the snow with Josh and she completely changed her mind. Now she's asking if our next move can please be to Alaska "so we can play in the snow all the time!!!" That certainly won't be happening, so I hope she enjoys the snow while she can :)
 Bryn had been cooped up indoors all morning (...all week), so once she got her snow gear on she just darted out the door and ran and ran and ran in this field behind our house. Mya and I stood at our back door and watched Bryn and Josh run around and make snow angels again and again. It was so cute. I love watching moments like that.


mj said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend. I never would have known with how beautiful and happy you looked at church today! Love that little miss Bryn...and seriously loved her note.

Richins Family said...

I'm so sorry about the rough weekend and the cooped-up-ness and the sub-zero temps. Those are no fun! But Brynlee looks like she had a blast in the snow. She is so adorable.

Jessica F. said...

Thanks goodness for Jane Austen! Brynn look so cute in her snow gear. What a doll.