Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

We started the morning with a little Easter egg scavenger hunt around the house that ended with Bryn's Easter treats. She had a lot of fun with it and said "Mom, I'm proud of you! You did a really good job as the Easter Bunny!" Uhhh.....
That's when you change the subject and break out the cinnamon rolls. 
Mya sampled her first cinnamon roll and loved every bite.
 We attempted Easter pictures of the girls before we ran out the door to church, but Bryn was not exactly cooperative. This is all we got!
We've got to work on smiling to the camera, but I think Bryn looks cute even with silly pose :)
 And cute little Mya

 After church we had some family time and then headed over to the community center for an Easter meal with our friends. 
(Something about this picture of Mya cracks me up! I think she's looking older lately.)
During the meal Mya hung out with one of her cute friends Georgia. 
(As much as I want Mya to start crawling, it's actually pretty convenient to sit her on a blanket and have her stay in one place all night!)

Another one of Mya's friends was wearing the exact same dress as Bryn, so we had to document it :)
Easter is always a time I wish I was with my family, but it was fun to get together with friends and to start traditions with our little family of four.

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