Monday, April 1, 2013

Egging the Neighborhood

Bryn loves doing "sneaky" things for her friends, so we decided to "egg" their porches a few days before Easter. We had been planning it for about a month and Bryn was so excited to finally do it! We filled lots of plastic eggs with candy and then Bryn worked so hard (over an hour!) making cards that said "You've Been Egged" for about ten of her buddies around the neighborhood. 
 I can't look at her handwriting without giggling. It's so cute!
 Then we crept around the neighborhood and hid eggs on each of her friend's porches.
 She took her job very seriously and sometimes spent far too long deciding where each egg should be hidden. 
This is her "Easter Bunny pose" because she was pretending to be the Easter Bunny while we hid the eggs. I love doing things like this with Bryn and it's so cute watching her have fun with it.

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