Friday, April 19, 2013

Picnic on the Dartmouth Green

 I think Spring is finally here to stay! It's been a beautiful 70 degrees today, so we packed lunches and walked to Dartmouth campus for a picnic. (It would have been even better if Josh were in town and could have met us there in between classes!) 
 Mya's wind-swept hair was cracking me up. 

These quick photos don't do it justice, but Dartmouth campus is really beautiful. Some of the buildings have the date of when they were built and it's so cool to see the buildings from the 1700's. I walk/jog around campus a couple times a week and I love the preppy, Ivy League atmosphere. It's such a different vibe than the surfer, beachy atmosphere we had in Huntington Beach. It's been kind of fun to live somewhere so completely different than our last home. 

 It's only a two mile walk from our house to campus, but we played "I Spy" around campus for so long that it  ended up becoming a two hour trip. Somehow these two stayed entertained in their stroller that long!
(P.S. Of course, their semi-matching outfits were picked out by Bryn. I'm wondering when this matching phase will wear off. Bryn's excitement with it is only increasing.....which is worrisome!)

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