Thursday, April 18, 2013

Swim Party

Josh is in NYC, so we had a fun girls night tonight, including a "swim party" for Bryn and Mya. (As soon as you put on your swim suits it instantly becomes a "swim party" instead of a nightly bath. Obviously). These two fishies had so much fun that I had to finally drag their soggy bodies out after a good 45 minutes in there. It was almost as if they were back in SoCal splashing in the waves of the ocean.....but not quite. 

 Ever since Mya was born Bryn has been the official "Hair-Slicker" for her. If I accidentally wash Mya's hair with Bryn's help then she will redo it.
This probably won't come as a surprise, but Bryn gets quite silly in the bathtub, usually singing, "swimming", or dramatically acting out a made-up story. Mya usually just giggles to herself and focuses on inspecting all the bath toys.
 I love this blue eyed babe!

P.S. Is there anything better than a chubby baby in a bathing suit?

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A McKenzie Minute said...

Can't wait to bust out the pool for all of the girlies once the weather warms up!