Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tunbridge World's Fair

 Last week Bryn and I checked out the Tunbridge World's Fair in Vermont and it made for a fun afternoon. I haven't been to many "fairs", but the Tunbridge fair was a little different from the Orange County fair that we were familiar with. Here are a few special features that weren't a part of the OC fair...
"Cool old things". What is better than "peering into the past" and looking at cool old things? 
Unfortunately, Bryn wasn't buying it. I thought she'd be excited to see the century-old cement mixer...(what 3 year old isn't?)...but no go. Maybe next year she will show a little more respect and awe for the ancient artifacts of Vermont.
 Country dancing performances by some cute elderly folks. Two little ladies played the songs on their violins and then the dancers did their thing. It was kind of amazing. I loved the top hats!
 Bryn and her little friend Emma livened things up with a little dance performance of their own.
THE one and only Alex the Jester. Wow.
I don't even know what to say about this performance. I've tried to explain it, but it's just indescribable. Bryn stared at him blankly for 5 minutes and then said "Mom, this man is really strange!" And yes, he is truly world's strangest man. 
 Bryn loved this band of mechanical orangutans that circled the fair playing old fashioned tunes. We passed it about five times and Bryn went nuts every time. The Tunbridge Fair has been around since 1867 and I think these singing monkeys have been around for most (or all) of that time!
 It's never a good idea to creep up behind a large cow and grab it's tail. Bryn has always been big on confidence and courage, but not always so big on common sense. Can cows kick backwards? That could have been dangerous. Tomorrow's Family Night lesson is going to be on cow safety. Never pull the tail.
 Petting goats. 
(That is a goat, right? Why I am suddenly doubting myself and thinking that could possibly be a sheep? With horns? Maybe a ram...with small goat-like horns? Yikes. Maybe before we cover cow safety we need to back up and cover the basics of farm animals. Namely the difference between a goat and a sheep!)
 Basically, it was a fun day at the one and only Tunbridge Fair.
And can I just add that Vermont is completely beautiful! It's really hilly and totally covered in trees and just absolutely gorgeous. Everyone told me New England was beautiful and they were right!


Karen said...

Okay, the part about cows and other farm animal and family night has me busting a gut!! I must be tired!

Looks like a really fun time at the fair. I'm glad you're enjoying New England.

Scott and Lindsey said...

This seems like a very appropriate place to run into cloak boy...

Also... I'm pretty sure that jester was actually Hans.