Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie Night

After a month of an empty living room we finally got a couch today. Woot woot!
Josh has been gone all day (14 hours on campus! Grad school is super fun!), but that wasn't going to stop Bryn and I from "breaking in" the couch with a movie night. 
The verdict:
The couch passes the comfort test. Phew.
And Mya snoozed next to us the whole time, so I guess the couch passes the sleep-able test, as well.
Bryn has claimed the corner seat as her own, but that will have to change.
And lastly, Bryn and I shouldn't be left alone with a bag of popcorn because the two of us polished off that whole bowl in about seven minutes. I guess that's not too surprising, but it's a little alarming just the same.
P.S. I know that's an awkward picture of Bryn, but it was actually the least awkward picture of the night and we had to document a big night like this!

1 comment:

Richins Family said...

You're such a cute mom.

And grad school will get better. Or even if it doesn't, it doesn't last forever. It will be worth it in the end. I feel (have felt) your pain!