Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rainy Days

It seems like it rains in New Hampshire every other day. It's much more wet than Huntington Beach, so we've been adjusting to all the rainy days where we're stuck inside. Here's what we do on rainy days...
We fill our hair with flower clips and pose for pictures.
Bryn is always putting flower clips in my hair, and I often forget to take them out before I get the door or leave the house. It's awesome.
We do lots and lots and lots of coloring. It's my favorite thing to watch Bryn draw! 
This is "Little Red Riding Hood raising her hand"...of course.
 We try out new hair styles like the trendy bald spot look.
 We bake. A lot.
 We dress up as cats with bow ties and black clown noses.
 We get in Mya's space.
We sew and craft and cross off projects from our to-do list.
We build forts with the kitchen table and chairs.
(Mya looks totally scared of Bryn's flailing legs. I would be, too!)
And I should mention, Mya is wearing her first turtle neck in that picture! Cute! Except you can't see the turtle neck part because her neck rolls are hiding it.
We blow up the air mattress and have family movie nights in the front room.
Or we just put on our rain boots and splash in the puddles with friends!


Michelle said...

you are too dang cute. we just play cars and trains over here. boring.

Marie said...

Nora has that exact same bald spot :) Such cute pictures, you are a wonderful mom!

Richins Family said...

Your family is adorable.

I want to hear about (and see) these projects and crafts!