Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Month Check-Up....(a month late!)

Mya finally had her "2-Month" check-up today, nevermind the fact that she'll be 3 months on Wednesday!
Everything went well and she did fine with the shots. Bryn went to the appointment with me and was so motherly about it. Twice she exclaimed "Oooh....she's such a chubby little thing! Look at those chubby wubby legs!" I guess it's fine for Bryn to say that now, but hopefully Bryn won't still be saying that to Mya when they're teenagers. Not cool.
Okay, here are Mya's stats. Drumroll......

Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz (96th percentile)
Height: 25 inches (99th percentile)
Head: 15.5 inches (39th percentile)

Is it bad that Josh and I laughed out loud when we head her percentiles? Bryn was tall, skinny, with a large head. Mya is tall, chubby, and small head. Why is that so funny to me? Both girls are totally cute!
*The doctor did the percentiles according to 3 months instead of 2 months....For those of you worried about the accuracy of the percentiles. I know this is serious business.


Diana Hulme said...

She looks so big and beautiful! I love that they are kind of opposite with the stats, hehe! And Bryn is so funny. :)

Deven said...

So cute! I can't believe it has already been three months! We miss you!

Deven said...

Oh and this is Shelley sorry to be logged into Deven!

Kacie said...

How funny...I wonder if their personalities will be similar. She is darling! I just caught up on your blog. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You are the cutest, most creative mom. What lucky girls!