Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night we talked about David and Goliath for Family Home Evening
Bryn worked hard at creating our Goliath picture and then we taped him to the side of our house and took turns firing marshmallows at him. 

 Bryn had a great victory dance when the "stone" hit Goliath in the forehead and he was declared dead at the scene.
 Mmmm....marshmallows. I think this was Bryn's dream FHE: 
(1) drawing on "extra big" paper
(2) chucking marshmallows
(3) stuffing marshmallows into her cheeks when we weren't looking
FHE is getting more and more fun as Bryn gets older and more excited about it. It's one of the highlights of her week even when we do something silly or simple.


Karen said...

Ha, ha, ha! What a great idea. Wish I could have seen the victory dance. The little picture of it is too cute.

JS said...

What a GREAT idea! We are gonna have to copy you. That is such a perfect FHE. :) Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Jen Pixton said...

Love seeing what you guys are up to! Post more photos of your home, it looks darling!

Michelle said...

cutest idea ever. i might have to copy this. Damon would LOVE it.