Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Craft #1: Hair Clip Holder

I've had a few projects on my list, but I needed to make them "free" projects because:
(1) We are paying for grad school tuition now! Yikes!
(2) My fabric stash is way too big.
(3) I'm still too scared to go shopping alone with two kids, so venturing out to the craft store for any new supplies is not possible yet.
So here is the first "free" project Bryn and I made last week with materials we rounded up at home.... 
Tada! A hair-clip holder!
Every mother of little girls has probably already made one of these, but we'd never had a place for Bryn and Mya's bows before! And we needed a project to keep Bryn busy for a little while.
I've seen adorable and stylish versions of this craft, but this is the simple version! :)
 Bryn was my little helper with this project and it's so cute how proud she is of our finished product!
(She slipped into this picture to demonstrate her "wink" face. It's a good look).
 We started with a cheap canvas that I have had lying around forever. We just used a staple gun to staple some fabric around it and then a few ribbon pieces around it. That's it! It should have taken about two minutes to make, but Bryn had to help with every step and every staple, so it probably took an hour!
 Bryn's favorite part was attaching the clips, of course. She's sometimes a little OCD about putting things in color order, so she was in heaven arranging them :)
Bryn used to change her hair clips all day long when they were within reach, so I hung the canvas up high in the bathroom. Just out of reach!


Karen said...

She has got your art skills!! Did she do all of the color arranging on her own? That is amazing. The whole project looks awesome!

JS said...

Love free crafts! Looks like you are settling in. YOu have some awesome hair accessories.

Nate and Julie said...

Love it! And that is a bow collection to drool over!

Michelle said...

that is sooo dang cute! by the way, PLEASE bring Brynlee over when you want to run errands! Brixton would love to have her over to play! I'm dead serious. really.