Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life Lately

 Bryn definitely has moments of being too rough with Mya (pinching, poking, stealing her blankets), but she also has cute moments of giving her toys and trying to entertain her. It's cute. And I'm hoping in time that Bryn's moments of being sweet with Mya will outnumber her moments of tormenting her!
 We've been going on lots of walks, trying to explore our area. We used to walk on the beach trail in Huntington Beach a couple times a week and I really miss that trail! But it's fun to be walking in such a woodsy area full of trees. Definitely a beautiful change of scenery.
 Mya loves being propped up enough so that she can look around. Something always cracks me up about seeing her buckled in next to Bryn, coo-ing and smile as we ride along.
 Bryn's been going through a lot of sidewalk chalk lately
 Hard at work
Bryn love, love, loves having a front porch. All day she asks if we can go outside and sit on the porch. You know, to sip lemonade and spy on our new neighbors. I'm not sure what was going on in the picture above....Bryn's in her pajamas and it looks like it's the middle of the night? We were probably just having a late-night cookie break on the porch. That seems to be a common occurrence around here! 

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