Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Craft #2: Bulletin Board Make-over

Our home is gradually coming together and feeling more like home.
Here's another free craft  Bryn and I did this week...

 We had this old bulletin board (from high school!) hanging in our kitchen, and we made it a little more colorful for our boring kitchen.
We mixed some old paint samples to make the green color and then painted the border. Then we used some extra blue fabric from Bryn's curtains (in California) to cover the cork board. We just attached it with hot glue around the border. I tried to measure the fabric piece to cover the cork perfectly, but of course there was gaps in certain places, so we covered it up with a ribbon border.
I don't love the white ribbon, since it's a little see-through, but it was the only color that we had enough of! Bryn really wanted to use thick hot-pink ribbon as the border, but luckily there wasn't enough of it to go all the way around :)
We attached the ribbon with fabric-tac instead of hot glue since Bryn helped for part of it. Bryn and a hot glue gun would be bad news!
 So here's the finished bulletin board in our kitchen. It takes up the whole wall right there and adds a little color to the space. I added our calendar and a few silver bulldog clips with my grocery list, coupons, etc. There's empty space at the top of the board, but I'm sure it won't take long to fill it with one thing or another.
Total cost: almost nothing!
I can't honestly say it was totally free because I did buy two of those silver clips for $2.00 :)
So here is our $2.00 bulletin board make-over!


Karen said...

LOVE it! And how nice to have that space.

Michelle said...

what a cute idea! I have a big cork board in my mom's basement that I don't want to get rid of because "one day i'll use it" I really might, if i Just copy you! :)

mj said...

i'm doing this. for reals. and if you EVER need ribbon. come on over. i have yards and yards and yards.

Amy Olsen Adams said...

I was googling bulletin boards because I'm a teacher. Yours was the first one I clicked on. I noticed that you have daughters named Brynlee and Mya. I have daughters named Brynlee and Myla. CRAZY!