Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bryn's Birthday!

Usually we're in Utah for Brynlee's birthday and we do a little party with my family, but this year we were back in California. I was bummed we couldn't do a family party, but it was actually really fun spending the day with just her and me!
She was bounded out of bed in the morning and sang happy birthday to herself.
And she chose orange juice and square cereal (Chex) for her special birthday breakfast.
We did some fun things during the day and then she helped me make some yummy chocolate cupcakes. (I used the Magnolia Bakery recipes for the cupcakes and the chocolate buttercream frosting. I actually don't really like cake, but this recipe is yummy).
We had a "party" that night with my uncle Mark and our friend Dede who lives down the street. They were so nice to come and sing to her, help us eat cupcakes, and make Bryn feel important!
Opening presents
Thanks Mark and Dede for coming over!
And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little girl!

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Clarke Family said...

Send me the frosting recipe Laur. It looks good! Mom