Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birthday Date

We have a tradition that every year Bryn gets to go on a birthday date with Josh to pick out a new book from Barnes and Noble. Last night was the big night!
Bryn had so much fun last year, and had been anticipating this year's date for so long! She was completely giddy as she left and she was even more giddy as she returned.
Last year she picked out "The Little Red Hen". This year she picked out "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". (I'm glad she's picked out good ones, especially since I'm not even there to influence her choices!)
After the Barnes and Noble they made a stop at Wendy's for a little treat.
I am not very good at establishing family traditions, but this is one tradition that I really love. It's the cutest thing ever to see Bryn so excited about her special night with her dad!


Marie said...

Hi Laura! This is Marie (woodhead). Your blog is SO cute, and your daughter is darling! That is such a sweet little tradition :) We just moved to California and I think I heard from Mary-Jane that you live there too? I'm wondering what part you live in? It would be so fun to get together if we live close! Anyway, I hope all is well with you and your cute little family! (p.s. I made my blog private several months ago...I'd love to send you an invite if you give me your e-mail!)

Diana Hulme said...

I love this tradition. We HAVE to steal it. I am going to inform Dan of it right now. :)