Wednesday, January 4, 2012

V-Day Garland

Bryn LOVED the Christmas season with all the decorations, books, crafts, goodies, and excitement. As soon as we put our Christmas decorations away Bryn started asking me every day "Hey Mom! What holiday is next?!" And when she heard it was Valentine's Day she started asking "What do we do on Valentine's Day?" and "What decorations are we putting up for Valentine's Day?" We don't really have any V-Day decorations, so Bryn and I are going to change that! Here's our first project:
Yesterday we headed to JoAnns, stocked up on felt, cut out tons of circles and hearts, and made some simple garland. Bryn loved being involved in the whole process, especially putting the shapes in order and handing me the next shape as I sewed. We still have a few weeks before we'll actually put them up (still too early for Valentine's decorations, right?), but at least we've got one V-Day decoration that Bryn is excited about!
I got the basic idea from Dana's "Happy Day Garland" found HERE.


Kristy said...

I love this garland! It is awesome!

The Pixton Family said...

You should open an itsy shop with all your darling felt creations!

whitney johnson said...

Oh my gosh I looooove this!! Might just have to copy...hope you don't mind! :)