Saturday, January 21, 2012


I turned 25 yesterday and had such a great birthday!
Bryn and I spent the morning at Disneyland. (That's the only picture I have to show for it). It's the first time we've been to Disneyland without other friends, and it was super cute to have a fun day with just Bryn. We did whatever Bryn wanted to do.....which meant multiple rides on Little Mermaid!
Then I had a fun date with Josh last night!
I hope my next 25 years are as wonderful as my first 25 have been :)


Karen said...

Laura you are so beautiful and deserve to have had the most wonderful birthday. It sounds like you did. Your date with Bryn sounds wonderful. If I lived near Disneyland I think I would have to get the season pass. I've heard of so many people doing that and it seems like such a nice way to enjoy the park.

JS said...

Happy Birthday! I thought about you yesterday...
I love going to Disneyland with my friends, but I LOVED going by myself with the twins. We didn't have to do what anyone else wanted, we just did what the twins wanted and it was always a good time.

Happy birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthdat Laura! I thought of you several times yesterday (thanks to your mom's handy calendar). I'm so jealous of your Disneyland birthday!