Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I hosted V-Day for playgroup today!
It was hard to think of what to talk about that started with a "V", but luckily it's close to Valentine's Day, so we did Valentines stuff.
I made little felt mailboxes and valentine hearts with V's on them. The girls had to say who they were sending each of their valentines to, then they could put it in the mailbox!
Then we got out paper, stamps, stickers, glue, and made some valentines. I loved how meticulous the girls were with their gluing and the placement of each heart. It was serious business!
And then they practiced writing the letter V. They are so much better writing their letters than they were when we started! (It doesn't hurt that V is a pretty simple letter, I guess!)
Fun day! Hooray for V!

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