Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peter Rabbit

Remember how Bryn went on a Birthday-Date with Josh and bought Peter Rabbit?
Ever since that night Bryn has no longer been Bryn. She has been Peter Rabbit. And I am Cottontail and Josh is Mr. McGregor. All day she refers to me as Cottontail instead of mom. And all day, literally all. day. long, she corrects me if I call her Brynlee instead of Peter Rabbit.
I thought it would only last a day or so, but this might be a permanent change??
Yesterday Bryn announced "Hey Cottontail- Peter Rabbit needs to go potty. I'm going to put my little rabbit bottom on the toilet and use my rabbit paw to flush the toilet."
Today Bryn had a doctor's appointment and every time the doctor or nurse called her Brynlee she said "I'm not Brynlee anymore. I'm Peter."
And all day she asks for carrots instead of her usual snacks. Naturally, Peter Rabbit prefers carrots to goldfish or bananas.
She runs from room to room, stealing Mr. McGregor's vegetables and rolling around, tangled in the "goose-berry nets". You'd think she'd be getting sick of this story by now!
I don't know how long this rabbit phase will last, but we just bought 10 pounds of carrots just in case. Peter Rabbit loves her carrots!
(Three is a great age!)


Jessica F. said...

This whole post made me laugh. I hope the whole Peter Rabbit thing does last, because it's darling! What a cute girl.

Scott and Lindsey said...

Remember when we introduced her to baby Peter? And she called him "Pee Pee?" Funny that she has now decided to adopt the name.

Meghan said...

That is so cute - what a fun age!

The Colemans said...

Oh my gosh, Noah and I will baby-sit your child anytime. We're really good babysitters and we come with good references. The only problem is, we live kind of far away...but we have lots of carrots.