Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last of the Utah Pictures

Here's the last pictures from our trip to Utah...
My parents, Bryn, and me
Bryn loved parking herself on the little ottomans and reading books
Playing "Polly Pockets" with my Dad
Bryn was crazy about the Polly Pockets. It's always fun to see Bryn enjoying the my old toys that I loved as a child!
The girls: Getting pedicures the day before Rie's wedding.
The boys: playing games on Christmas Eve
We got new sweats on Christmas Eve. This position was a horrible idea because (A) it's totally unflattering but more importantly (B) the boys loved jabbing and tickling me as Mom was taking the picture. You can tell by the picture Logan is up to no good!
We had a fun party with the Clarkes, my dad's extended family. Bryn loved doing crafts and running around with her second cousins. I wish she got to play with them more than once or twice a year!
Playing with Jae
Practicing the "Flex Arm Hang" on the basketball rim
We also had a fun party with the Tuellers, my mom's extended family.
There's nothing my brothers love more than some good Christmas chimes.
We had a White Elephant gift exchange at the Tueller party which, of course, provided lots of laughs. I brought the black "du-rag" and Grandpa Tueller ended up with it! Classic!
- - -
This trip to Utah seemed to go by way too fast (probably because the first part of the trip was busy with wedding details), but it was still so fun to be with our families and fit in as much as we could!

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