Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Utah: Hawkins

We had a great trip to Utah and had so much fun with our families! Here are some pictures with Josh's fam, all photos via Josh's phone...since I didn't have my camera!
The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point
Having fun digging around
Hunter, Bryn, Vela, Hema, and Halle
We spent a few days/nights at "the farm" with Josh's parents. Bryn LOVES "Tag" the cat and always tries to follow it around.
Feeding carrots to the horses
Walking down the lane with my Mom in law.
Bryn feeding "Tag" breakfast
Josh's mom is an amazing baker and cook. One of my favorite things she makes is her amazing breads!
Beckam and Brynlee were good buddies
Playing games
The cousins love to dance around when Josh's dad plays the guitar
Cute cousins!
Josh's sister Jess is Bryn's preferred hair stylist and she gave Bryn her annual shearing.
Bryn had fun helping her Grandma Hawkins in the kitchen
Josh's fam LOVES to play games, so over the break we played Rook, Apples to Apples, Word on the Street, Settles of Catan, Sequence, and Ticket to Ride. My favorite was playing Rook with Jason and Brandi. Fun times.
Playing with the wigs
It's a fun tradition to spend Christmas Eve with the Hawkins side. We have a Christmas devotional, sing songs, play games, eat lots of good food, open presents, and have a talent show with the cousins. Bryn's talent was singing Silent Night. She sang it about two octaves too low for her range, but that made it even better.
Usually all of Josh's seven siblings are in town for Christmas Eve, but this year it was a small group! We missed all the other Hawkins families, but it was still a great night!
I am lucky to have married into such an awesome family!

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