Thursday, December 1, 2011

R Day

Today I hosted R Day for playgroup and it was a fun one. We started off with some books on rain and rainbows. Then we made rainbows with felt.
Aubrey and Bryn
Then I put elmer's glue onto their letter R's and they stuck on the rainclouds and the rain.
They practiced writing the letter R and colored rainbows.
And we snacked on rainbow fishy crackers and rainbow fruit by the foot.
Hooray for R!


Brandi said...

Oh my! SO cute! I have to stop letting my girls read your blog. They think that Bryn is the luckiest kid in the WORLD! Poor Hawkins girls.

Nate and Keshia said...

You are by far the cutest and most creative mom I know. I will need to borrow more of your ideas (because yes, I have already used some) when Kyla gets a little older. You are so fun!!

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