Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marie's Bridal Shower

The whole purpose of my trip to Utah a few weeks ago was for my sister's bridal shower! It was a shower with both sides of my extended family, so it was great to see lots of cousins and aunts! I didn't take any pictures, but my aunt Carolyn and cousin Diana sent me some pictures....
Me, Marie, and Diana.
Diana, a former event planner, coordinated the shower and she is so talented at this sort of thing! No detail was overlooked!
Some of the food
Marie and her cute, little parfait
Diana interviewed Marie's fiance and used it for a game at the shower
Four generations
Marie and I are such good friends and I was so grateful to be there to celebrate with her!
Brynlee getting to know her second-cousin Anna
Love you, Rie! Can't wait for the wedding in three weeks!!!


Jessica F. said...

I am so happy for Marie. She looks so darling and so happy. I love the bottom picture of you two. You look so much alike in that picture. Such beautiful girls!

Diana Hulme said...

It was SO great to see you. Excited for Marie!!!