Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Right after I got back in town from my Utah trip, my brother flew in from San Fransisco. Jae comes down every so often and it's always so fun. We spent Thanksgiving with him and my uncle Mark who lives around the corner. I cooked the turkey, rolls, gravy, and pies, and Mark made brought the vegetables, stuffing, and a mean batch of mashed potatoes. It was a great meal and so much fun to be with Mark and Jae!
Bryn LOVES Jae and had so much fun playing with him. Any time she'd catch him sitting down she'd bring out her blanket stash from her room and cover him, saying "Ok Jae, it's time to get comfy and cozy!"
One of Jae's best friends is getting married in a few weeks and specifically asked Jae to be sporting a mustache at his wedding, so Jae willingly obliged. Bryn, however, is very anti-mustache! The whole weekend Bryn repeatedly told Jae "I like everything about you, Jae, EXCEPT for your mustache!" She kept asking him to wash it off. When we dropped Jae off at the airport Bryn said "I hope I see Jae again! But not with a mustache. I like everything about Jae but his mustache." Despite the mustache, we had a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for flying down, Jae!!!


Merrick said...

oh my gosh, Bryn is the most hilarious little girl ever! Kids are so funny! said...

she is so funny ha ha ha and what in the mustache?!? who does that ;)