Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Utah Trip

I just got back from 5 days in Utah and it was wonderful!
Cooking with Grandma
Playing the piano with Logan
Bryn's second-cousin Avery was verrrry friendly with her, but Bryn was completely focused on her food. Food first, cousins second.
A little performing
In HEAVEN at Grandma Tueller's house, playing with the Little People sets my Mom grew up with.
Uncle Rich brought Bryn a HUGE new book and read it to her before bed
Bryn LOVED playing this horn all weekend
She even played it while hanging upside down on Jordan's back
Hanging out with a skewer
It was fun to get to know Devin, my sister's fiance. He and Marie are so cute! Only one more month until the wedding!
We had a big family dinner on Sunday and Marie and Jordan drove up from BYU. (Pretend that I'm in a cute Sunday outfit instead of sweats!)
Bryn loves Jord
My mom, Bryn, and Logan
Not pictured:
Playing games at Grandma Tueller's house
Getting together with my dear dear friend Lindsey
Lots of fun play time
Talking wedding details with Mom and Marie
And....the whole reason I went to Utah: my sister's bridal shower! I didn't take any pictures, so I'll post about the shower when I steal pictures from my cousin.
- - -
As always, I was crying all through the airport after saying goodbye to my mama! And as always, I left Bryn's favorite red blankie in Utah....which I seem to do every time we visit!


Brandi said...

So much fun. I am glad that you had a great time. Did David A. perform at any of these showers? You look great in sweats!

Clarke Family said...

Also missing....the time she spent with Grandpa. We love her!

Diana Hulme said...

I love the horn. :) It was so great to see you guys!