Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Play Group: Thanksgiving Day

I hosted the Thanksgiving Day at playgroup and it was a fun one!
We started off by reading some Thanksgiving books, talking about cornucopias, and playing with felt cornucopias I made.
We played "Pin the Feathers on the Turkey"
Each girl got a little turkey snack plate with a PB & J body, apple and orange feathers, cranberry eyes, cheese beak, and pretzel legs.
I cut out lots of cardstock leaves and we made "Gratitude Wreaths". Each girl told me 12 things she was grateful for, one for each leaf. It was so cute to hear their answers! If you can't read the leaves, Bryn's answers were: "Grandparents, Ivy, Aubrey, Mom, Dad, babies, fruit cups, rocks, beans, going to Utah, Santa, and Disneyland. "
I had planned on doing one other craft where they would make "Indian corn" by using Q-tips to paint the kernels on the cardstock corn. BUT....the girls were extra silly and energetic and I was nervous to get out PAINT with them. So I skipped that craft and I printed out a quick Thanksgiving coloring sheet instead!


Monica said...

I love all your felt crafts! So cute!

The Pixton Family said...

Love all your felt creations!

Kristin said...

Adorable Laura!