Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas day at my parent's house and it was wonderful! I love it when Christmas is on Sunday because it's great to go to church and hear of Christ...the whole reason behind the holiday. My mom is ward choir director now, and it was a treat to hear the choir's Christmas program.
These are all my siblings minus Marie who spent Christmas with her new in-laws
Bryn and I before church. She still looks half asleep!
We didn't open presents before church, but we did see what Santa left in our stockings. Bryn was pleased :)
My mom's parents went to church with us and then spent the morning with us afterwards. Grandpa enjoyed a little head rub with my mom's funny scalp massager.
Grandma Tueller had just finished her cancer radiation a week before Christmas, but you'd never know it! She was as radiant and energetic as always! She even insisted on cooking the bacon on Christmas. Love you Grandma!!
Bryn LOVED my mom's big stash of Christmas books
Reading with Jordan
Bryn loved all her Christmas gifts, especially this little doll cradle from my mom.
My dad's parents joined us for Christmas dinner and games that night.
What a wonderful day!

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