Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

On the hay ride. Bryn's not so sure of what's going on, but she warms up pretty quickly as you'll see. The petting zoo grossed me out at first. I mean who knows where have those goats been? But Brynlee was loving it!
Um. Freaky. I didn't let Bryn near this big guy.
Brynlee was more interested in the animals than smiling for a picture
Her favorite part was just playing in the pumpkins! She could've stayed there all day!
The cute little kids from the ward that we went with.
This was so much fun. It almost made it feel like Fall. If if weren't for the 85 degree weather! Fall just isn't Fall until the leaves turn colors. And I'm pretty sure the palm trees in our neighborhood will be staying green!

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Meghan said...

So fun! Where did you find a pumpkin patch? I miss that 85 degree fall weather, that's for sure! It's getting cold here in UT. Brrr!