Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bryn's Favorites

(1) Brynlee hasn't discovered all the kitchen cupboards, but she is very familiar with the pots and pans cupboard. She loves to empty it, bang the pans against the oven, and crawl in the empty cupboard.
(2) She loves to pull the laundry off the drying rack. I dry all my clothes to save a few bucks, but this might need to change because it's just too much fun for Brynlee to play with the wet, colorful clothes.
(3) Bryn LOVES the bathroom. I know. It's totally germy and gross, and I keep the door shut almost all day. But whenever that door is open she races over to it with a huge smile on her face. I think she just gets a thrill just because it's off limits.
(4) Brynlee loves to open and shut doors. She loves it when I sit on the other side of the door and she opens it and smiles, then shuts the door. Over and over.
I love it. Except when she crawls into a room, shuts the door behind her, then lays down in front of it, so I can't open the door. (And probably smiles to herself as I call her name over and over hoping to stir her).
Isn't nine months old a great stage!?


Marie said...

That last picture is perfect! Perfect timing, perfect lighting, perfect little smile, perfect child!! I'm such a proud aunt

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

that little girl is sooooo stinkin cute! i cant handle it! i love her smile and you're right, she seems to be enjoying the ballerina outfit much more :)