Saturday, October 31, 2009


I loved sewing Bryn's little skirt and hooded cape, even if the skirt turned out a little short and the cape seemed a little too dracula-like. Next time I'll use a pattern!
We went Trick-or-Treating at SeaCliff Shopping Center, and ran into some other cute kids from the ward.
I'm used to Utah Halloweens, so Brynlee's costume had white knit tights and a white turtle-neck. Today was h.o.t. so we ditched the tights and turtle neck and went with a thin white t-shirt.
Later on we strolled around Main Street, ate at Wahoo's, watched street performers, shielded Bryn's face from some interesting costumes, then went home and made a big Reeses Shake out of Brynlee's trick or treating loot. Great day!


Diana Hulme said...

GREAT job on her costume! She is SO SO SO cute as little red riding hood! I'm amazed that you made the whole thing - you are becoming the master seamstress! :) I think the little basket totally completes the outfit - so adorable. :)

clarke fam said...

Bryn looks so cute!! I love the picture of Josh holding her on his shoulders!

Brandi said...

I love the cute cape. Could you please make me a cape in extra large? I want to wear that next year. Brynn looked adorable.

Jessica F. said...

SUCH a cute costume. Great work!

Nerissa said...

What a doll! My little girl was Red Riding Hood last year too! I made a red baby corduroy cape lined with satin (which also rendered a dracula effect). I love your projects, I need to start posting mine - I've been a slacker lately!