Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dating Again

What? A Friday night date? After a nine month hiatus, we're back on, folks. We're finally brave enough to leave cute Brynlee with babysitters. Last week my uncle Mark watched our (sleeping) Brynlee so that we could do a temple session together. And this weekend we paid our first babysitter so we could go out to celebrate Josh's birthday. We're going to make this date thing a habit...again.
We tried out the Corner Bakery. The the food was pretty good, but not as good as Kneaders or Zupas in Utah. But it was so great being together without Brynlee. Yes, I said it.
Bryn was fussy while we were away, but she did better than when we left for for our anniversary date. That time she was totally freaked out, but this time she was only sort of freaked out. So we're making progress.
Reunited after an hour and a half of separation.


clarke fam said...

Way to go!! and Laura could you get any cuter???

Monica and Dave said...

Way to go, don't let the dating get away from you, otherwise you'll never get it back! Cute family pics!

Jessica F. said...

I am totally impressed! We have not done that yet. We have tried but it just didn't work out!

You look AMAZING Laura. Josh, you look pretty good too!