Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Brother

Yesterday was such a great day: going to a pumpkin patch with friends, going on a nice long walk, baking and visiting a few ladies in my neighborhood, running errands, and playing outside in the courtyard. Today has been a little different. Here are some of the highlights: -Trying to go on my normal walking route, but Bryn was fussing so we only made it a mile before we had to turn around. -Brynlee smashing her fingers in drawers about six times, and counting. So sad. -Brynlee tangling her fingers in my hair and pulling, over and over. (It's time to get a hair cut!) -Brynlee somehow finding a piece of chicken and eating it. I only found out about the chicken because she threw up onto my shirt. Fun. -Brynlee finding my pile of coupons and ripping them up. (I thought about trying to tape them together, but I have too much pride to hand the cashier an unreadable, taped-up coupon for 55 sent off. ) -Brynlee and I sending Josh off for a weekend backpacking trip for scouts....which means a fun, car-less, husband/father-less weekend for little B and I. I am wonderfully blessed, so I really shouldn't complain. But some days are certainly better than others! Ha ha.

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