Monday, October 19, 2009

Jason and Brandi

We got a surprise visit from Jason and Brandi and their cute girls on Saturday!!! I didn't even know they were coming in town, so it was so fun to see them! Perfect timing, because I have totally been missing our families in Utah lately!
We had lunch at Wahoos and walked out on the pier, through the mists of darkness. (Seriously, I've never seen thicker fog in Huntington!) It was so great hanging out with them for a bit! And Bryn was so glad to see her cousins, even though she was groggy and napping half the time.


Monica and Dave said...

you live in a prime spot for visitors. how fun!

Brandi said...

Thanks for letting us crash on your Saturday. It was so fun to see you guys. Bryn is so cute and we cant stop talking about those blue eyes. Ice Blue!