Thursday, March 24, 2016

Valentine's Fun

Here are a few pictures from our Valentine's activities in February...
 I have felt Valentine's envelopes for the kids that hang on our kitchen chairs and Josh and I had fun sending the girls love notes throughout the month. The girls also send notes to each other, which was really sweet. On February 1st the girls got these matching heart shirts in their envelopes to kick off the month of LOVE.
 They are so excited every time they get matching clothes! 
 Bryn's school class didn't allow candy Valentine's, so she made these valentine's with mazes: "Valentine, you're a-MAZE-ing!"
One of Mya's very favorite things is baking and cooking with me, so she was thrilled to help me make sugar cookies. 
The Friday before Valentine's Day we had a fun play date with Bryn's cute little friend Jane. She came over after school and the girls frosted cookies, played V-day tic-tac-toe, and made Valentine's. 
Mya working hard.
 That's a whole lot of pink and sugar!
Bryn and Jane love doing secret service, so they made plates of cookies for six families in our town and wrote them secret love notes. 
 Getting crafty
 Some of the valentine's they made
 Masked Jane and Bryn, delivering their cookies and cards. They were giggling the whole time. They got caught at a few of the houses, but their masks may have saved them :)
My friend Tessa planned the cutest Valentine's Day party for all the little kids from church. Mya had such a fun time frosting cupcakes, making valentine's, and playing with her cute little friends. Thanks for the perfect party, Tessa!
 One of the best Valentine's activities this year was a special afternoon with our friends the Kochs and the Ures. Laura Koch is a talented baker and chocolate maker and she was nice enough to share her secrets with us! The girls had fun decorating cupcakes and learning how to make gourmet chocolates. Yum!
 This was such a fun afternoon and the chocolates were such a treat. What a fun Valentine's tradition, right!? Someday I want to get all the chocolate molds and everything needed to make this an annual tradition. 
 Bryn and Jane, packaging the chocolates into cute little gift boxes that Laura had. 
Thank you, Laura!!
Lastly, here is our first attempt at a heart-shaped pizza. It doesn't look very pretty (and that old cookie sheet isn't helping), but it was yummy and the girls always get so excited about things like this. So I'm counting it as a win :)
I've said it before - Holidays really are so much fun with little kids! 

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