Thursday, March 17, 2016


We're midway through March, but I'm a little behind. So here is January!...
I had a fun time with Mya and Tate at the "Imagine That" children's museum in Florham Park. 
 These two kiddies were entertained for a good half hour at this little fake supermarket. 
 These park pictures were from January 16th and at this point we still hadn't gotten any real snow during the winter. Such a weird winter for New Jersey! We enjoyed the mild weather and tried to take advantage of it by going for walks to the park in our neighborhood. (Don't worry, we got our fair share of snow the following week!) 
Sometimes - like this swinging moment - Tate is just too cute! That little boy!
Tate has kind of grown out of this phase now, but in January and February Tate was obsessed with hats! We have a big bin of beanies in our coat closet and Tate would raid that bin all throughout the day. He was always wearing Bryn and Mya's hats and coming up to me with a new hat he wanted to wear. It cracked us up to see him going about his normal business with his sister's hats on his head :)
When I ask Bryn to set the dinner table we end up with centerpieces like this impromptu creation.
Tate loves climbing onto the chair in his room and flipping through his board books. 
Tate DOESN'T love being dressed into his sister's clothes... which ends up happening every time Bryn asks to have "Tate time" in her room. Poor guy! 
 Little artist hard at work.
One of Mya's creations this month: a sugary snowman from playgroup.
One of Bryn's creations this month: this cute birthday card for her great-grandpa Tueller.
Bryn always keep me laughing. I turn my head for a few minutes and suddenly she's wearing a pig nose. Or she's somehow scaled the wall and is hanging out on the pull-up bar at the basketball gym. Get down from there(!!) ....but let me take a picture first.
Family walks are really one of my very favorite things. We head out for a walk whenever we can - if Josh gets home and there's still daylight! Tate quietly chills in the stroller and the girls take turns talking a mile-a-minute about one thing or another. 
I love my life with these little hooligans!

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