Monday, March 7, 2016


We had a really mild December and didn't get any snow in New Jersey, but winter came all at once in one big blizzard in January. We were forecasted to get 8-12 inches of snow, but we ended up getting over two feet of snow in one day. It was crazy!
Josh and I had tickets to Wicked on the day of the storm and we were so nervous about being able to get into the show that day. We had called the theater earlier in the week and they said Broadway doesn't cancel for snowstorms and the show would be going on. It turned out that the snow was so bad that it shut down all the trains going into NYC that morning and all Broadway shows were cancelled for the day. We were bummed about missing our show, but it turned out to be a fun snow day as a family. School, work, and church were cancelled that Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
(And we ended up getting a refund for our tickets and bought tickets for a few weeks later).
Tate was mesmerized by the snow and he loved watching the snow plows, Josh's shovelling, and Bryn's diving around in the snow. 
The snow drifts against our back door.
Let me just say, someday I will have a paved driveway and it will be glorious. Shoveling a gravel driveway, without tearing up all the gravel and dirt, is no fun. 
 We live on the dead end of a really quiet street, so Josh spent the afternoon driving his moped up and down the street, pulling Bryn/Mya/me! behind him.
Mya was nervous at first, but she loved it!
 At one point, Josh pulled me and Mya on the sled, while Bryn ran excitedly beside us ....and Tate napped inside. Fun times!
 Me + Mya Girl
 Me + Brynnie Babe
Bryn really wanted to do it together with Mya, but this didn't last long. Mya was too nervous doing it with Bryn :)
Snow days always = hot cocoa!
I usually groan when I see snow in the forecast, but it really does make for some good family fun.

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Marie said...

Your family is so darling, Laura! I can't believe all that snow!!!