Thursday, March 3, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Hawkins

 Some of our very favorite people moved away from New Jersey this past month.... our cousins!!!
What a blessing it was to live under 10 minutes away from Josh's brother Jake and his family. It was so great to live so close to cousins. We saw them every Sunday at church (Jake was our bishop) and we loved getting together with them for holidays and other events. Oh man, we will miss them! But we're so excited for their new adventures in Chicago.
A few weeks before they moved we got to babysit our nieces and nephews while Jake and Ty went out to Chicago to get things all set with their new home. It was so fun to have a whole week full of cousin time! We spent all our free time playing games and trying to soak up every last minute together. It was also a trial run for Josh and I to see what life would be like with seven kids! Ha ha!
 Josh is gonna miss these two! He's been working with them in the youth program at church and has loved spending time with these two every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as the campouts and scouting activities. 

At Isaac's basketball game
 We played more games a few weeks later when we had our last Sunday dinner with Jake and Tyra's family :(
 Tate has been spoiled by these cousins, so he's going to miss them!
 Our best attempt at a group pic, self-timer style.
(We're missing my wonderful niece Abby who had already moved to Chicago at this point).
I love this one with Leah :)

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