Tuesday, March 29, 2016


February! Here are a few day-to-day pictures from our February...
 Tate loooooves turning on and off the light switches and lamps. He will climb on anything he can to reach the lights! Little rascal!
 Mya is my little buddy during the day and she's pretty great :)
 Tate is so funny "reading" to himself and talking gibberish. 
The snow finally melted and we can finally play outside! Woohoo! The ultimate torture for Tate is watching someone else outside when he is stuck inside.
 Mya dresses herself every single day. She's pretty adamant about it. Sometimes I have to use some pretty good negotiating skills to get her into a normal outfit, but if we aren't going anywhere important then I let her do her thing and it's pretty funny.
Mya has spent too much time around Bryn because she doesn't do a normal smile or pose anymore. It's always something silly or dramatic.

 More dress-up outfits
 Bryn is still joined at the hip with her Bitty Baby and it's pretty cute how well she takes care of her. "She's not a doll, she's a real baby". And sometimes she does hip hop dancing.
 Mealtime is Tate's favorite time of day. He is my child!
Bryn takes her playdoh creations very seriously.
 Tate is the cutest little boy in the world. ...Even on Sundays when he's a rascal at church. 
Josh has been gone every other Sunday for ward conferences in other cities, so I've been learning to handle the kids on my own in our ward. I know so many other women have mastered this, but it's been new territory for me. The girls have been great, but Mr. Tate is at the busy, busy, busy stage. The countdown to nursery is on!
 Playdates with cute little friends.
Something really cracks me up about seeing Tate with a little buddy. 
I love these girls!
 Bryn's school class celebrated the 100th day of school and each child had to make a poster with 100 items on it. Bryn's poster was really sweet. She chose to make a birthday cake for her great-grandma Tueller with 100 candles on it. My Grandma Tueller passed away last year and it has been hard on Bryn! She asks about Grandma all the time and has not forgotten about her. Bryn finished her poster and said "Grandma would have loved this cake if she lived to one hundred. Maybe she can have this cake in heaven." 
Open gym is heaven for Tate.
 I love going on walks with my kids, but Mya has finally grown out of the stroller stage. I tried to keep her in there for as long as I could, so it could be more of an exercise walk for me. But now Miss Mya insists on walking beside me and pushing the stroller. We don't go very fast and I never break a sweat anymore, but it's cute walking beside Mya and hearing her little chit chat the whole way.
And the last thing to report is that Tate has joined the ranks of Hawkins family artist and loves to tap his little crayons on the paper. Cute cute cute.

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Jamie said...

Hey Laura, I love reading your blog. I feel like I remember a party you had (I think for Brynn) that was a painting party - I have searched all over and can't find the post again. I wanted to show my daughter some ideas for her party. Was is your blog post I saw - or am i mis-remembering? Please let me know. Thanks!