Thursday, March 17, 2016


 Josh and I have made an effort to be more consistent in our dating in 2015. On the weekends where we haven't had a babysitter we've tried to plan something fun at home. One of the weekends in January it was my turn to plan the at-home date, so we did a mini art lesson! Josh was a trooper to jump right in and paint with me. 
 He did great!
Such a fun night! 
Another painting I did in January was this watercolor of my Tueller grandparents. My aunt commissioned the painting and it was a really special project. My sweet grandma passed away last year, and this painting shows the legacy that she left for me. Devotion to her husband, and devotion to God, through her service at the Provo temple, LDS missions to Indonesia and Spain, and teaching at the Missionary Training Center. 
And it looks like Bryn may follow in my footsteps??
She had "career day" at school in January and was so cute to choose an artist as her dream job :)

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