Monday, April 9, 2012

Utah Trip: At the Farm

We just got back from such a great week in Utah. This was our last Utah "vacation" before we have the baby and move to New Hampshire, so we spent every last second with our families and it was wonderful! We started our trip with a couple days at Josh's parent's house....
Bryn wasted no time slipping into this big tiger costume. She danced around all night and got so sweaty in that costume that we finally had to hide it from her.
Awww....cousin bonding time. (Hug or choke-hold? Could have been either).
We had a couple snowy days while in Utah, but luckily it was beautiful weather while we were down at the farm. Becky and Hema slept over one night and Bryn had so much fun playing with their kids in the yard.
We watched the Saturday sessions of General Conference with the Hawkins crew. Josh's Utah siblings (Becky, Jason, and Joe) and their families were all there for breakfast and the morning session. We've been in California the last few years of General Conferences, so it was so fun to be with family!
Becky painted all the niece's nails...
...and mine :)
Thanks Beck!
After conference we had an early Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins.
And they fed the horses
I married into the best family, and it's always so fun to get together with them. It's also so much fun to see Bryn having such a blast with her cousins!
More Utah pictures to come....

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Cute belly, Laura! I love it! You make such a cute prego!