Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend with Bryn

Josh has been in New Hampshire the last few days for "New Student Weekend" for the incoming MBA students at Dartmouth. Bryn and I are excited for Josh to come home, but we've tried to have a fun girls weekend while he's been away.

 Bryn and I had a fun Disneyland day. We hadn't gone in two weeks, so Bryn was thrilled to be back. (And I hadn't let her ride "Dumbo" for about 2 months because of the long line, so she was especially thrilled about riding her beloved "Dumbo" ride!)
I needed to finish up a few baby projects this weekend, which meant I needed a good project to keep Bryn occupied! Painting always does the trick!
 Her favorite thing lately is mixing her own colors. She spent a good hour mixing the bottled colors to make new colors. Each time she'd exclaim "Mom! I did it! I made a new color!"
 We also read about 100 books,
made and ate way too many cookies, 
played at the park,
got together with friends, 
sorted through baby clothes,
and skyped with family members.
I love my little buddy and I'm really trying to soak in these final 2 months with Bryn as my only child. I don't think she'll be getting quite as much undivided attention once the baby arrives!


JS said...

We were husband/daddy-less this weekend too. Man life is tiring as a single parent! Tyson is on his way home right now and I couldn't be more happy, except I will probably be asleep by the time he gets here. :)

Richins Family said...

You're such a cute mom!