Thursday, April 12, 2012

Utah Trip: Provo

We spent one night of our trip in Provo, visiting my Tueller grandparents, going to the Bean Museum, and checking out my sister's little newlywed house at BYU. My Tueller grandparents are amazing and I'm glad we could spend a little time with them. Bryn LOVES going to their house and playing with all the puzzles, dolls, and toy sets that my mom grew up with.
We told Bryn to give Grandpa Tueller a little kiss on the cheek, but she decided to go straight for the eye ball.
The Bean Museum is always a hit. Josh is usually even more excited to go than Brynlee :)
Have you ever been to the basement of the museum? This was my first time. Yikes.
Logan was our basement tour guide, eagerly showing us all the creepy jars of animals.
In the midst of all the jars of fermenting lizards and pickled pigeons there was a skunk doing a hand-stand(??).
There's nothing like the Bean Museum :)

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Karen said...

I LOVE the Bean Museum! Looks like you had wonderful adventures.