Thursday, April 12, 2012

Utah Trip: Fun with Cousins

We met up with some of Josh's family at the "Classic Fun Center" in Sandy. When I went there as a child it was just a skating rink, but now there's a huge room with inflatable slides and obstacle courses. The kids had fun running around together and wearing themselves out!
Bryn is just 4 months younger than Beckham and they play really well together.
Beckham is the only child of Josh's twin Joe, and Joe and his wife are expecting a baby girl just two days after our baby girl this summer. So we are kind of on the same track with our little families! Hopefully our little girls will be good buddies like Brynlee and Beckham!
Bryn and Vela are a year apart, but they get along great together as they're getting older!
Thanks Becky and Rindi for bringing your kids to come play with us!

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Karen said...

I love cousin time. Nothing better.