Thursday, March 29, 2012


I love my little Cinderella cleaner! She was about as excited to mop the floors as she was about our Disneyland trip earlier that day. She always gets carried away, though, and ends up scrubbing the cupboards, baseboards, walls, doors, whatever she can find. "Mopping the floor" always turns into "Mop the entire house". I had to draw the line when I saw her take a damp rag to the TV screen. Oops.


JS said...

haha. Berkleigh loves to be Cinderella too! I love it, but Berkleigh "mops the whole house" too. I saw her taking a wet wipe to a picture not in a frame... so sad for that picture... but so fun to have little helpers!

Karen said...

Train them while they're young, right?!

Meghan said...

Love this! What a cutie :)