Saturday, March 10, 2012

Green Treat

Green smoothies were a regular treat around here until I got pregnant and just the thought of them made me nauseous! I finally dared to try them again this week and now we've been making them every day. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day :)
There's lots of variations, but our go-to version this week has been:
A cup or so of unsweetened, vanilla almond milk
A blender full of spinach
Two frozen bananas
A a few spoonfuls of flax seed meal
"Green smoothies, Mom!....Ha ha ha.....It's like St. Patrick's Day!.....Ha ha ha....."


Karen said...

Oh that Brynlee is so cute! What a great treat. I really need to get my family drinking those! Sure would help my boys get some vegetables.

Kristy said...

Have you ever tried Agave Nectar? It makes the shakes a little sweeter and is oh so good. We make a similar one around here and the boys go nuts for it!