Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Sunday

A blurry picture of
Bryn in her favorite cat ears
and me with my ever-growing tummy!
Only more 17 weeks to go!


My 3 Gooches said...

I can't believe how tiny you are! I'm so happy for you!

Marie said...

How is it that we are the same number of weeks along but your belly is like half the size of mine??! Haha, I feel humongous these days, and you look so super tiny and cute. Also, I loved your post about the brownies...I literally made a whole pan yesterday and have been eating them all day today :)

Meghan said...

How are you 23 weeks?! You look amazing! And, I love your dress! Did you make it or find it somewhere? said...

um...that's what my belly looks like right now. ;)